Peabody Museum of Natural History
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Rudolph F. Zallinger developing the charcoal drawing for The Age of Reptiles mural in the Yale Peabody Museum’s Great Hall, October 1944. © Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University.

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LocationWest Campus, West Haven
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Access policyBy appointment only
ContactBarbara L. Narendra
Number of photographsApprox. 100,000
Date range1860s–present
Geographic coverage

Worldwide, especially the American West and Connecticut


William Henry Jackson; William K. Sacco; others


The collection documents the history of the Yale Peabody Museum, its exhibitions, and staff. The central photograph file in the Museum’s Archives division contains a representative record of exhibitions, exhibit preparation, publicity, selected specimens, research, staff, and events between 1960 and about 2000, as well as earlier documentation of specimens, exhibitions, research, and expeditions (many relating to paleontologist O.C. Marsh). The illustrations published in the Museum’s former membership publication, Discovery magazine (1965–1995), are on file.

Of particular interest among the holdings are O.C. Marsh-related subjects; old exhibits (e.g., the long-gone Foucault Pendulum); unique specimens (such as the first “Brontosaurus”); the Museum’s dioramas; Rudolph Zallinger painting the murals The Age of Reptiles and The Age of Mammals; the geology of Connecticut; and a collection of 35mm slides (approx. 50,000) of wildlife, especially birds and fish, donated for educational use).

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