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Division of Invertebrate Zoology Collections

The marine isopod, Glyptonotus antarcticus Eights (YPM IZ.047207), from the Weddell Sea off Antarctica, collected in 2009. © 2010 Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University.

Web address
LocationThe Class of 1954 Environmental Science Center, 21 Sachem Street, New Haven
HoursCall for information
Access policyBy appointment only
ContactLourdes Rojas
Number of photographsApprox. 15,000
Date rangeca. 1880–present
Geographic coverage

Antarctic; northern Atlantic Ocean; the Caribbean; Mexico; northeastern United States


Eric A. Lazo-Wasem; Willard Hartman; staff; researchers


Photographic holdings in the Division of Invertebrate Zoology provide information for site locality data and descriptive data of new or rare taxa; document exhibition installations; and include photographs of people, research sites, and specimens. There are also photographs of rarely visited areas and rare or undescribed taxa. holdings include 700 prints, 2,300 slides, and 12,000 electronic images.

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