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Polythysana rubrescens (ENT.401646), a wild silk moth from Chile, South America. © Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University.

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Location21 Sachem Street, New Haven and West Campus, Orange
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Access policyBy appointment only
ContactRaymond J. Pupedis
Number of photographsApproximately 13,000
Date rangeca.1900-present
Geographic coverage



Staff photographers; others


Photographs in the Division of Entomology include research images and images of general entomological and biological subjects. Also included in photographic holdings are the following materials:


·      The personal photographs of G. Evelyn Hutchison of the 1932 Yale North India Expedition

·      Slides of carnivorous plants and associated insects documenting the pioneering work of Frank Morton Jones

·      Alexander Petrunckevitch’s research images of fossil spiders, spiders in Baltic amber (possibly the only remaining evidence of original specimens that may be lost), and extant spiders

·      Charles L. Remington’s research images of hybrids

·      Images documenting medical entomology during World War II

Documentation of assorted entomological societies and meetings

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