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The Yale Observatory (named Winchester Observatory until 1920) as it appeared until 1956. The dome at the left housed the famous Yale Heliometer, the one at the right, the eight-inch Reed telescope. The Loomis Tower is in the center background.

Web address http://www.astro.yale.edu/resources/library/
LocationJosiah Willard Gibbs Building, 260 Whitney Avenue, New Haven
Access policyhttp://www.astro.yale.edu/resources/library/; contact the library in advance
ContactKim Monocchi
Email addresskim.monocchi@yale.edu
Number of photographsApprox. 35 images
Date range1910-2007
Geographic coverage

Johannesburg, South Africa (location of the Yale Telescope Campus); New Haven and vicinity


Telecopes Camera faculty; others


Most of the photographs (mostly black-and-white gelatin prints) held by the Astronomy Library depict the history of the Yale Department of Astronomy and are interesting for historical images of Yale telescopes, camera catalogues, meteorgraphs, and Yale astronomy faculty. In addition, the Department of Astronomy has a very large collection of glass plate negatives. Materials may also be available at other Yale repositories.

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