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Michael Ivanovich Rostovtzeff (10 November 1870–20 October 1952). Dipl. (1882); M.A. (1898); Ph.D. (1903); St. Petersburg, Russia. Rostovtzeff became Sterling Professor of Ancient History and Classical Archaeology at Yale in 1925, where he published his two greatest works: Social and Economic History of the Roman Empire, and Economic History of the Hellenistic World (1941).

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New Haven; Rome, Italy




The photographic holdings of the Classics Library are a testimony to the excellence of the faculty of the Yale Department of Classics throughout the years and are an inspiration to future classicists. In addition to prints on display in the Classics Library, holdings include photographs of former members of the Yale Department of Classics, Ancient Roman monuments, and other historical content. The Classic Library has been housed at its current location since 1896.

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