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Production photograph of “Cupid & Psyche” (1916), Franklin Jasper Walls Collection.

Web address http://www.library.yale.edu/arts/specialcollections/
Location180 York Street, New Haven
Access policyhttp://www.library.yale.edu/arts/specialcollections/access.html
ContactJae Jennifer Rossman
Email addresshaasALSC@yale.edu
Number of photographsApprox. 6,000
Date rangeca.1850-present
Geographic coverage

Primarily United States and Europe


Gregory Crewdson, Abelardo Morell (fine art photography); Carl P. Rollins, Fritz Kredel, Lance Hidy, Richard Minsky (book arts); historical drama


Original photographs in the Arts Library Special Collections support research in art, architecture, drama, and book arts, and include archives of important figures in the book arts. Photographic holdings also include student work that documents the production history of the Yale School of Art MFA programs in Graphic Design and Photography.

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